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Had I not attended TCU, I am not sure that I ever would have been accepted in to dental school.  My personal relationship with the professors helped so greatly with my letter of recommendation and I was told that it was one of the best, letters they had ever reviewed.

-Kris Blodgett, D.M.D – TCU Class of 1996, Dentist in Portland, Oregon

TCU doesn't just give you the degree you need to move on, TCU gives its students an education and the promise that they will succeed.

- Hayden Fuller - TCU Class of 2012, Student at University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry

The Pre-Health Professions Team was so supportive and helpful when I was applying to medical school.  That support meant so much and helped me get accepted.

- Diane Hesselbrock, M.D. - TCU Class of 1996, Neurologist in Richmond, VA

The program has done so much to help young people achieve their goals.

- Dan Doss, D.D.S. - TCU Class of 1974, Pediatric Dentist in Fort Worth

Few Pre-Health programs can boast medical school acceptance rates in the range of 80 to 95% that have remained steady for the past ten years.

- Jim Wagner, M.D. -Associate Dean for Student Affairs, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

The leadership, mentorship, and extracurricular experience that I gained through the Pre-Health Professions Program was a distinct advantage in helping me gain admission into my first choice medical school.

- Wendy Wright Seigler, TCU Class of 1994, Medical Director of the Neuroscience Critical Care Unit at Emory University Hospital Midtown


The Pre-Health Professions program at TCU boasts a more than 80% acceptance rate to medical school, more than twice the state and national average. Once accepted to professional programs our students flourish. So what accounts for the success of our students and makes TCU different from other programs?

Strong students – Any Pre-Health program is only as good as its students and ours are among the best and the brightest in the nation. Attesting to their quality, over the past decade our students have been admitted to Harvard, Johns Hopkins, NYU, all 16 medical and dental schools in Texas, Columbia University, the Universities of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Chicago and many others. Click here to read more about our students.

Academic Rigor – The Pre-Health curriculum at TCU is challenging by design. Our students are well prepared for admissions tests and for the rigors of professional school. Once they enter professional school our former students frequently tell us that they were well prepared by TCU and this sentiment is echoed by the medical and dental school deans that we interact with. In fact, TCU alumni perform better than the average student at the two DFW medical schools.

Access to caring faculty: The faculty at TCU are committed to the success of our students. At TCU you will be taught and advised by full time faculty. Faculty at TCU, including Pre-Health advisors, have an open door policy and students are welcome to visit with faculty at any time. We get to know our students well which affords us the opportunity to write detailed and informed letters of evaluation. Click here to learn more about the TCU's Pre-Health advisors.

Stability - There has been a great deal of stability in TCU's Pre-Health Professions Program with only five chairs in our 100 year history.

  • Will Winton  1918-1950
  • Willis G. Hewatt  1950-1972
  • Manfred Reinecke  1972-1991
  • Phil Hartman  1992-2013
  • Matt Chumchal 2013-Present

This stability translates into a tremendous level of institutional knowledge and great working relationships with many of the Health-Professions programs in the region.

The Teacher-Scholar Model – TCU is committed to the teacher-scholar model in which our faculty both teach and conduct scientific research. For our students this means that faculty are experts in their disciplines and bring cutting edge information into the classroom. It also provides students with a unique opportunity to participate in research with faculty. Click here to learn more about undergraduate research opportunities.

Community Health Care Connections – The TCU Pre-Health Professions Institute is well connected to the health care community in Fort Worth and beyond. Our students administer a health care observation program that provides access to over 15 clinics and hospitals in the area. Click here to learn more about TCU's clinical observation program. Twice a month we host a local health-care professional or Admissions Dean that speaks to our students. Click here to learn more about the Health Professions Speaker Series. We offer internships at several venues: a local hospital emergency department, a fetal care center, a cancer institute, and a free clinic for the medically underserved. We also offer seminars like The Practice of Medicine, and Global Health, and Ethical Traveler taught by local physicians and our science professors. Finally, our External Advisory Board, composed of over 30 physicians and dentists frequently interacts with our faculty and students.

Student Activities – Our students are close and spend time together in and out of the classroom. The Institute hosts several social activities for our students each year including a BBQ during Family Weekend, white elephant gift exchange and end of the year BBQ bash. The Pre-Health Suite at TCU provides an ideal place for students to socialize and study together throughout the year. Several health-related clubs and organizations provide students with the opportunity to get to know their classmates, participate in service activities and develop their leadership skills. Click here to learn more about our pre-health clubs and organizations.